Piha Beach, New Zealand (2014)

Podium Wisdom explores the dark arts of persuasion, and how we can use it to better the world.

Persuasion is Power. The right words, lyrically combined. Invincible logic, forcefully delivered. Spellbinding stories, passionately told. Stunning design, deftly executed. Such are the powers that can sway billions. Such are the powers that this blog explores.

If you too are interested in these powers, dive in! Read, share, comment, argue - use the knowledge however you'd like.

I just hope that it's to do the world good, not ill.

About Me

Born a hopeless introvert, I fell off the podium in my very first public address. A few more public speaking disasters later, I developed an extreme fear of the spotlight. I ran away from speaking occasions like they were terrorists carrying Ebola. One time I even hid in a dark public toilet just to avoid a presentation.

... Until, as a professional, I had nowhere to run, and no choice but to stand my ground. And this completely changed my life. 

I didn't just confront my fear of speaking in public. I discovered that I had a gift for it, as I had a gift for language, writing, design and all tools of persuasion.

Expression and persuasion became the powers that colleagues and bosses praised me for, the powers that earned me a living. I became speechwriter to a Nobel Laureate, head of an international organization, and a head of state. I started teaching workshops, coaching speakers, and advising TEDx conferences.

I didn't just confront my fear. I bear-hugged it with a smile and made love to it.

If there's ever proof that anyone can do this, I'm it.